A.H. Wang is a contemporary visual artist and author with a deep fascination for ancient history and a passion for adventure. Born in Taiwan and raised in Australia, her travels have taken her across five continents and dozens of countries. Throughout her journey, she became fascinated by the local cultures and the lore of ancient civilisations.

As well as making art and writing, you will find her deeply involved with her meditation practice. In a previous life, she was also a scientist, an engineer, a holistic counsellor and a Reiki Master. She now lives in Taipei, Taiwan with her husband.

You can find out about her art practice at

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Used for divination during the Shang Dynasty (circa 1000 BCE), the oracle bones were a crucial part of an ancient pyromancy ritual. Anointed with blood, esoteric glyphs were carved onto the surface of a turtle shell or ox bone. Then, it was burned in fire until it cracked, and the Diviner would read the fractured lines to interpret the answer from the gods.